Dave Clarenbach
Technical leader to develop, integrate and deliver large modules (Transmissions,
Driveshafts and Structural Casings) for two different new aero-engine projects at a large
OEM with a team of 60 persons.
Research and Development technical leader to develop a direct drive microturbine
generator for Aerospace applications involving four national technology institutes.
Intellectual Property covered by patents and results presented in peer-reviewed papers.
10 years of experience as stress, aero-, thermodynamics and systems engineering
Aerodynamical Design and Performance Verification of 450 kW Aero-Engine Radial
Structural and Thermal Assessment of Turbine Shroud Blocks, Transition Pieces,
Turbine Blades and low NOx combustion liner for Industrial Gasturbines.
Systems Engineering, Design and Prototyping of a high-speed 75 kW DC fault-
tolerant air cooled motor for turbo machinery direct-drive applications.
Systems Engineering, Design and Prototyping of high-temperature, high-speed
carbon fiber (CFRP) structures.
Aerodynamical Design of high-speed 25 kW Air Turbine driven Compressor for
Aerospace application.
Structural Design of a Front Static Frame for a Military Aero-Engine.
Major Accomplishments
Master of Mechanical
Engineering at Delft
University: 1998
Certified Project
Management Associate:
Urenco Aerospace: 6 yrs
Ansaldo Thomassen: 2 yrs
Rolls-Royce Bristol: 1 yr
Aeronamic: 4 yrs
Rolls-Royce Germany: 5 yrs
18 years of professional experience in engineering leadership and project management
of gasturbine development programs for Aerospace applications at five international
organizations (oa. Rolls-Royce UK, Rolls-Royce Germany, Honeywell, Ansaldo,
Aeronamic) in four different countries (United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany
and the United States).
Career Summary